Your Soul is Calling You to Live a Life You Absolutely Love Living.

I am Here to Teach You How to Tap into the Power Breathing You and Design that Life You were Born to Live.

Right now You have a Choice, to Continue on the Path You have been on or Take the Leap into the Life You Know is Waiting for You! It is my Passion and Purpose to Bring Your Dreams into Reality!


Are you looking for

MORE out of life?

If you...

> Want to step away from struggle, feeling unfulfilled, stuck and cultivate more CONFIDENCE, WORTHINESS and JOY

> Want to get CLARITY about DESIGNING a life you LOVE living, and step into your full POTENTIAL with a step by step plan

> Want to understand how to get the RESULTS you want, so you can get off the vicious cycle of limiting beliefs and sabotaging behavior

> Want to live more AUTHENTICALLY in your power, freedom, and sharing your gifts in all areas of your life

You're in the right place.

“I accomplished a 10-year goal/dream (that, basically, I had given up on) right after my time working with Janice. Her methods helped me to push through my vulnerabilities and convert them into strengths."

- Missy

"Janice's amazing program brings solutions to life's most difficult times, giving me more confidence and power."

- Heather

"The knowledge of how to find stillness and connect with my Divine self is priceless. As a high level executive, this new awakening is key to living a life I love. "

- Steph

Life can be FABULOUS.

It doesn't have to be hard.


A step-by-step framework that actually works-- complete with audio trainings, workbooks, meditations, and powerful life tools. Transformation has happened for ladies all over the world.


A fabulous blend of personal attention, small group coaching, and a supportive community of other ladies ready to welcome you and help you live the #bestdayever!


Exclusive content, incredible service and support, and the accountability you need to succeed.

You're not alone.

It's time to Divinely THRIVE with other amazing ladies. No more sitting on the sidelines of your life. No more being stuck in a time of transition. No more being afraid of a new season of life. Hundreds of women are saying YES to themselves and choosing to live in their breathtaking Divine power and live fully. It is your time to claim the life you have been only dreaming of.

"Feeling like an imposter and struggling with my confidence and worthiness-- Janice’s program helped me claim my Truth again and gave me the courage to dust off an old dream and finally write a book."

- Joan

What an impactful expereince. I received valuable tools to pursue my dreams with a strong conviction that EVERYTHING is possible. I now live in the get to energy, no longer living life by default!

- Monica

"I'm living a life bigger than I could imagine and it all started from Janice's teachings and support along the way. It got me out of my comfort zone and helped me live more in my Divine. Dreams keep chasing me down!"

- Tarah

Have you ever felt stuck?

Me. Too.

Have you ever felt stuck in life, knowing that there's something more out there for you...but you couldn't figure out what that something even was?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at the thought of not reaching your potential? Or the hopeless thought that you'll never meet your life partner?

If so I know exactly how that all feels and soooo much more.

There was a time in my life when I would wake up every day feeling absolute dread, with no motivation, no vision, and no passion. I felt whatever I tried just wouldn't work. I had been working as a personal shopper for more than 20 years and I lost all passion for the job. My Soul was calling me to be more, have more and do more...and I just could not figure out how to step into my full potential.

Here I was. In my 50's. Hopeless. Feeling defeated.

Knowing there was something better out there for me, and really struggling on how to get there.

I had read all the books, went to seminars and workshops and I still felt so stuck, disappointed, and to be honest afraid nothing was going to change. The fear of living the same year over and over again. They say you can live 90 years or you can live one year ninety times. This thought was devastating to me, and that is exactly what I felt was happening.

Then, out of the blue...

a friend asked me to meet her for lunch.

I had not been in contact with her in eight years! Here I was, in a beautiful restaurant, sitting across from my friend as she shared with me what was happening in her life... It was exhilarating to hear how her 50s had been transformed by becoming a Life Mastery Consultant with the Brave Thinking Institute. She told me about their curriculum, their 10 step system, and all about how it was based in Spiritual and Scientific Principles.

This lite up my Soul. I felt more alive in this moment than I had in years!!! I had hope again. I absolutely love self development and I actually had a dream I pushed down forever to be a Life Coach. I felt exhilarated... but terrified. I wanted to dive right in, but I had so many doubts and fears creep up. What if it doesn't work out? How could I possible change my career at this age?

Then, I heard a chilling voice say:

"How many ghosts of regret will surround your death bed?"

I made a commitment to me. To live fully, share my gifts and talents on the highest level, and love my life. It didn't feel comfortable or even rarely does when you are making a change. In fact, great opportunities should feel uncomfortable because they make you step out of what you have known up until now, and your dream no longer fits your current circumstances. This time I was going to be ok with the uncomfortableness in the interest of growth. This time was different than all the other inspired moments in life, because I knew I was going to be working with a system that works. And the fact it was based in Spirit and Science aligned with me perfectly.

Your destiny is created by the decisions you make.

And, a decision is never made till action is taken.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher comes. I was ready to learn how to do life differently. I threw myself into the process of certification and gladly welcomed the rigorous commitment to understand this process and system. I was determined to help myself, and my clients, to create a life of purpose, passion and abundance.

It was learning this 10-principle system that gave me the awakening that there is a method to designing a life you love. It is repeatable, proven and reliable. It was at this moment in my life that all my years of life experiences, spiritual and emotional intelligence study came full circle.

Now living my dream, I wake up enthusiastically living from the Divine. I feel blessed to live in this powerful partnership and makes my soul come alive. I absolutely love that I get to impact women worldwide sharing with them a way to live from their authentic self and claim their abundance. I met the love of my life (in my 50's during a complete world shutdown). I love that I have the opportunity to invest in companies that help the needy and our environment. My life with family and friends is filled with beautiful memories I will cherish forever.

In this work of transformation, it has been an honor to be nominated for Transformational Coach of the Year, among the top twelve nominees for the Outstanding Impact Award and recipient of the 50 Impact Award. I was delighted to have made an impact large enough to be recognized among approximately 3,500 coaches worldwide. While it is nice to be recognized for my work, the real joy for me is having the opportunity to help women live the life they were born to live, sharing their gifts and talents on the highest level and design a life that's in harmony with their Soul's purpose. 

The Divinely Thrive Program

It is a gift and a passions to create easy, effective ways for women to understand how they can live a life they love! After many years of studying spirituality and emotional intelligence, and then having a powerful method based on the art and science of success land in my lap, I came to realize the importance of bringing all 4 Essentials together to really have the most powerful impact on my clients!

In the Divinely THRIVE program, you will learn how to:

> Receive a new understanding of who you are when connected to the Divine

> Claim more confidence, joy, and freedom

> Live from a powerful new foundation of self-worth and deserving

> Have a new understanding of your emotional intelligence and live more by design than default

> Design from a step-by-step plan based on Spirit & Science

> Gain clarity on how to get the results you would love

> Develop a crystal clear vision of the life you would love

> Create a clear action plan that keeps you moving toward your dream

> Utilize powerful life tools that help you easily navigate the vicious cycle of negative thoughts 

> Gain a clear understanding of how manifesting will work for you easily 

> Learn the four keys to living the life you were born to live in the highest level of Divinely Thriving


The more you work on building your Spiritual muscle connected to your Divine Truth, the more you are connected to the Infinite Source that orchestrates life for you. Where the impossible becomes possible. This infinite Source, God-centeredness, is working from you, and the more you realize that you are in partnership, the more life will flow through you, as you, and for you. 

Emotional Intelligence 

We live in this physical world where we have been programmed to move away from our authentic selves and live more in our fears, doubts and wounds from the past. I have created powerful Life Tools to help you understand your emotional triggers, where your sabotaging behavior comes from and recognize who you get to be as a Spiritual being having this physical expereince. We now live from the knowingness the Power breathing us is way bigger than anything we may be dealing with in the physical world. Our work together builds that connection and heals where you are fractured from you true self.

Step-by-Step process to designing your life 

This step-by-step process gives you the foundation to design your dream from the Divine and have the emotional intelligence that will change your life experience from the inside out. You will learn the Art and Science of success, starting with understanding the Code to Life people have been using for 100s of years to make the impossible possible. We work with powerful Life Tools so you can get the results you would love in life.

Partner in


You can't see the picture when you are in the frame, they say. What that means you can't always see what you might be doing to limit yourself. The importance of having a coach is giving you the expert eye to support you to live into your full potential as you go after your dream. We also live in a physical world that can throw us some good curve balls. Having a Partner in Believing is the support you need to make it past the finish line... I would not be where I am today without my partners who always saw beyond my self made limits, beyond the obstacles and they kept me in my lane to get me to where I am right now. This 4th Essential is key to your success.

Are you going to repeat feeling unfulfilled again this year or expand into your next grandest version? You only have one precious life to live. What will you do with it?

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